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What is Nano-Cal?



Nano-Cal™ is a novel approach in nutritional supplement delivery of Calcium and Magnesium.

The principal difference between
Nano-Cal™ and other Calcium supplements is that the ionic exchange, or the formation of Calcium ions (Ca++) and Hydroxyl ions (OH-), is created in a water medium prior to ingestion rather than in the body.

This distinction is critical in understanding the potential of this form of Calcium delivery.

Nano-Cal™ differs from so called "Ionic Calcium" liquids in that the ions are freshly created thereby ensuring dynamic electrical values. Nano-Cal™ is not colloidal Calcium.

Nano-Cal™ differs from Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Citrate and other Calcium salts as it is dissociated before entering the body and therefore does not rely on the body's natural processes for the creation and absorption of Calcium ions. Its absorption in the body is immediate as the Calcium ions permeate intra-cellular membranes and bypass normal channels that might be compromised due to inherent problems in the body's ability to absorb Calcium.

The manner in which it is absorbed has much to do with the Calcium ions and OH- or negative hydroxyl ions. We have created a short video to illustrate the difference between Nano-Cal and Coral calcium supplements.
Nano-Cal™ is a product and ideology, which aligns itself to the growing scientific consensus that alkalinity and raising one's pH balance through dietary means, can be helpful in combating certain diseases.

Nano-Cal™ makes no claims as to the effectiveness of this product other than those documented in international papers on the benefits of daily Calcium intake. For the latest papers as they appear please look at our science page.

Please make sure you read the directions for use before taking Nano-Cal
™ This is especially important if you are diabetic.

We hope that we can explain this philosophy in the following pages and perhaps entice you to experience
Nano-Cal™ for yourself. If you wish to bypass the tour, click here for Pricing.



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Nano-Cal™ Supplement

Nano-Cal™ Cream

Trouble sleeping?

Try this.

 Add 1  scoop of Nano-Cal™ and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 8oz warm filtered or bottled water. Mix thoroughly and drink.



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